translation of Tuva Blues from Albm " Time out"

I am born to cry, I am born to dye, I am born to know what is gold and a lie..." As the Buddhists saying our life is an illusion, Samsara, so called golden illusion. One thing is important on that song you listen from my album "Time out" Everything what has beginning will gave the end too. Every human is born, means will be one day passing this life too, the matter is how lon...

12.12.12. Тыва-Вена-Екатеринбург

Мой первый интерактивный концерт в Екатеринбурге. 12.12.12 Тыва - Вена - Екатеринбург.
Участники: Николай Ооржак (Тыва), Саинхо Намчылак (Вена), Виталий Владимиров и гр. SAGE (Екатеринбург). Ведущий и организатор концерта Алексей Рычков.